Technology Contributions by Zalaan team

Zalaan team of IT professionals is eager to provide technology assistance within its capacity to any positive change making organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting education. Recently, its team of professionals developed a full-featured modern multi-language website for Hatsa organization in order to improve its digital presence and enhance its outreach to potential donors interested in their work. Additionally we have been providing consultancy services to the organization to maximize its impact in the community.    [ Use Hatsa New Website Screenshot Here]

Besides, Zalaan team is actively involved in making contributions to online platforms in order to improve and strengthen underdeveloped languages on the Internet. Many members of its community are making thousand contributions to the Google translate every month. An active member of the team was recently listed among the top 5% contributors across Google translate. Moreover, we hold online campaigns to online inclusivity and support for underdeveloped languages.  A latest example is its campaign to include Pashto in Bing Translate that has drawn support from thousands of people whose online experience could be improved by this change. [Use Google Top 5% Award Photo Here]